Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Politics of Osama-hunting

Anyone who observes the Bush administration has noticed the subordination of policy to politics. I've always been of the persuasion that the incessant politicking of both political parties is disgusting and harmful to the overall good of the nation. But even the most avid partisanship should be outraged by this.


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Anonymous said...

David, the blog is great and I have been reading it at every chance I get. I havent talked to you in a while but I hope all is well. No one else on the congress circuit ever made me question and challenge my position as a conservative as much as you David, and while I am as conservative as ever I truly respect you for that, and that is a compliment as strange as it might sound.

But I cant let the claims of the usually level-headed New Republic go unchallenged. I read this article the other day from the TNR and was a bit let down, The New Republic being a magazine I have had the great respect for -truth be told the one of the few magazine on the left I have faith in(no offense). But this article is something I would expect out of The Nation because this article is an example of what you object to in your post, the incessant politicking that damages the nation. But perhaps whats worse are these irresponsible conspiracy theories that have been sufacing, thanks to predictably the likes of Michael Moore and now unfortunately by the New Republic.

While I admittedly know very little on the subject of the Pakistan government's structure I have read many times over in the past that the quoted ISI, is not only at odds with Pakistan President Musharraf and the United States but also the global War on Terrorism(putting them on the side of whom?). But since I am admittedly no specialist in the area I leave you a link to an article from the other TNR, my favorite magazine The National Review, which addresses the claim very well:

But as much as I may disagree with everything you write, keep up the good work and have a great summer. Talk to you soon

-Joe Sheehan