Thursday, February 24, 2005

No More Excuses

Read Nicholas Kristof, then tell me not to intervene in Darfur. 11,000,000 people didn't die in the Holocaust so we could ethically ignore genocide. There simply is no longer any excuse. Any administration: the US, the UN, the EU, the Arab League, whomever, who is refuses to support whatever action necessary to end the atrocities in Sudan permanently forfeits any claims to moral leadership in the world.

Link by The Moderate Voice, who falls on the right side of this issue.


John Cunningham said...

I recently saw the film _Hotel Rwanda_, then the next day saw a speech by Paul Rusesabaniga [guessed at spelling], the real character upon whom the movie was based. It was a well-made, horrifying film, and Paul's speech made clear the horrors which the UN and the US govt. allowed to occur. the West knew what was going to happen, knew what was happening, and let up to a million people be murdered over a 12-week period. A few thousand European or US troops could have ended the killing, but we sat on our asses.
I think the US needs to form an intervention force, maybe 20K troops, nothing heavier than Strykers, a few attack helos, and transport, solely for use in such 3rd world hellholes.

Paul said...

My wife and I saw the movie last night. She had the same reaction. I asked her if she'd approve our boys, if they were in the military, being members of this type of intervention force. She said "no". Now, asked a few million more moms and dads and, in my opinion, you'd likely get an overwhelmingly majority of "no's". IF that's true, then why should OUR government move to intervene in direct opposition to its constituents desires?

David Schraub said...

Because sometimes the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocents demand that those who can help, do so.

6 Million of my people died when America forgot that lesson--but millions were saved when we remembered it again.