Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shoot for the Stars

I meant to link to this New York Times snippet about Gambia earlier, because it amused me:
President Yahya Jammeh, a former wrestler and bird lover, said anyone aspiring to his job needed "to wait like a vulture, patiently," because he planned to stay in office at least 30 years longer. Mr. Jammeh, who is 40 and seized power in a bloodless coup in 1994, said he would consider handing over power only after he had turned his tiny former British colony into an oil producer and a "role model for Africa." Gambia produces peanuts but has not struck oil.

"I'm going to stay in power until we develop a resource we don't even have!" I suppose that's one way to guarantee you'll be ruling for a long, long time. Let it never be said that President Jammeh let geological realities get in the way of his dreams.

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Isaac said...

I agree that it's funny. But it's not so implausible. Countries to the north and south of The Gambia have all found oil lately (Mauritania, Chad, Cameroon?) and so it's not so implausible that The Gambia would find oil. Anyway.