Monday, October 30, 2006

Law & Battlestar Galatica

Cross-Posted at First Movers

Chris Borgen thinks Battlestar is ripe for legal analysis (akin to that accorded to Star Trek or perhaps Harry Potter).

I don't watch the show, but I actually do think he's on to something. I wrote in my very first post at First Movers that legal scholars should pay more attention to how law is perceived by those unschooled in law. As Borgen notes, literature (defined broadly here--film, TV, etc. counts) can give interesting counter-factuals that press us on some of our important moral (including legal) commitments. As for myself, I'm interested in what issues are not not interrogated, what aspects of human interaction, society, structure, etc. are taken to be so fundamental that they are just assumed even in worlds that are otherwise taken to be wildly different. In Harry Potter, for example, the presence of Christianity is very revealing given the great pains Rowling takes to separate the Muggle and Wizarding world.

So, do any of my lovely cohorts have the opening salvo in the emerging Law and BSG genre?

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