Friday, May 22, 2009

Such Bravery! Such Courage!

Phoebe Maltz rocks the house in her analysis of what Roger Cohen wants. Namely, Roger Cohen wants to create a binary between crazed, over-sensitive, parochial, psychologically damaged, neurotic Jews (i.e., every anti-Semite's stereotype of Jews), and ... him. The voice of reason. The sane one. The one who has nuance.

But since that isn't the actual state of the world -- since there are many Jews of many political persuasions who nevertheless see many shades of gray -- Cohen has to fiat folks into his little box. And in doing so, he makes it well-nigh impossible to have a conversation; what with any criticism immediately becoming fodder for how brave he is to stand up to the ravenous, mindless (but impressively coordinated!) mainstream Jewish horde.

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Lola said...

Roger Cohen wants attention.