Friday, April 06, 2007

Breaking News!

Northfield, MN -- April 5th

A crack team of Jewish theologians and snack bar employees determined that quesadillas were Kosher for Passover last night, in a giant leap forward for local Jews. Snack bar options have been severely limited over the past few weeks as it turns out every $*%^^& food on the planet is made with bread. While acknowledging that the ruling may conflict with what one participant called "those stupid Passover rules that don't involve not eating bread," the committee agreed that it was time to push back against "OCD Rabbis" and that the holiday was not meant to cause starvation for those who'd rather stab their eyesockets out with the Afikomen than have another bite of Matzah.

Quesadillas are made with flour, water, and various cheeses. They do not contain yeast or rise.

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