Friday, April 06, 2007

Five Stages

Sadly, No! on the five stages conservative Iraq war supporters go through watching all their, er, best laid plans go to hell:
1. Denial: "The media doesn't show the good news in Iraq."

2. Anger: "The treasonous far-left-liberals and their media lapdogs are making us lose in Iraq."

3. Bargaining: "If we send x-thousand more troops to Iraq, victory will be ours."

4. Depression: "Did you catch 300 yet? [munch-munch-burp] God, it made me hate liberals even more. [channels flipping] They wouldn't last a day in ancient Sparta."

5. Advanced Literary Theory: "The hegemonic binary of 'success' and 'failure' traumatizes the (re)interpretive possibilities of an ethos of jouissance regarding the War in Iraq."

I say "conservative Iraq war supporters" not to deny my old status as an Iraq war supporter, but to say that I don't think I fairly went through any of these stages--while I supported the war, I pretty quickly became angry at the fact that a policy I thought was important was being mismanaged into a catastrophe of epic proportions. Certainly, I never hypothesized about what would happen to liberals (like, er, me) in ancient Sparta.


  1. Either I can't remember or I wasn't reading you when you supported the war -- were you a Nick Cohen liberal?

  2. I didn't start blogging until June 2004, but I was an Iraq War supporter (on similar grounds to Cohen--repenting for our past support of tyranny, removing a murderous thug, bringing democracy, etc.. I was never a huge fan of the security rational though). Most of my older Iraq war posts mention that I was (at that time "am") a supporter--to try and separate my criticisms as coming from someone who desparately wanted the war to succeed. Today I include the disclaimer so as to not seem as if I'm running from my past.