Thursday, June 24, 2004

NFL Nationals

Though this blog emphatically ISN'T about my personal life, I do feel the people who competed/placed at NFL Nationals deserve some recognition.
-LD Debate-
Jed Glickstein, Edina HS, MN
-Congress (Senate)-
Matt Futch, Nova HS, FL
-Congress (House)-
Josh Weiss, Lake Brantley HS, FL

Also, special shoutouts to Adam Gaya (third in Senate); Julia Kamentezky, who's name I can't spell and who FINALLY made it home (4th in House); Matt Turetzky (3rd in house); Chris Meyers (semis in Senate), and Greg Ihrie and the Entire Myers Park team.

And how could I forget my muslim sistah, Rasheed!

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Anonymous said...

"And the Entire Myers Park Team"

LOL. who didn't break. more or less - thanks for the shout out, david.