Friday, December 23, 2005

It's So Simple!

Do you ever get the feeling that the Christian Right is just parodying itself? Consider this excerpt from the American Family Associations proposed boycott of Target:
ATTENTION! Expect Target To Try To Confuse You

When you call Target, they will no doubt try to confuse you. You may be told their employees are free to greet people with a "Merry Christmas." You may be told that they support the Salvation Army. You may be told many things in order to confuse you.

Therefore, ask this one simple basic question and don't allow them to confuse you. "Do you use the term 'Christmas' in your in-store promotions developed by Target (not products you have for sale) and do you include the term 'Christmas' in your retail advertising?"

Target refuses to use "Christmas" in their in-store promotions or in their retail advertising. If you are told they do, you are being mislead.

1) That's two questions

2) I don't know about you, but I don't consider that to a "simple" question, what with the parenthetical and the modifiers ("in-store promotions developed by Target", and "retail advertising"). Seems rather specific, don't you think.

3) What with their support of the Salvation Army, and store greeters free to say "Merry Christmas," it seems like Target is plenty supportive of Christmas already. I mean, I understand the AFA's dream-world is one where all retailers blare out carols at 250 decibels while being staffed solely by born-agains throughout December. But seriously, meet them half-way already!

I'm going to see the Caps tonight, and then will be off to Aspen, Colorado tomorrow. So this may be my last post for a week. It may not--I don't know if I'll have internet access in Colorado. But if it is, have a happy holidays, be it Christmas, Chanukkah, Kwanzah, or just the spirit of the season.


Anonymous said...

Oy, or Oj mene. I am so disappointed in you, you forgot to include MIR BOZI HRISTOS SI RODI in your Christmas greetings.

BTW, I am a bit long in tooth and remember that it wasn't even a topic worth TV, radio and news media time to discuss what is right, Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Hqappy Holidays was usually said to people other than close friends or family. Ha nothing to do with whether or not you were a Jew or.

Wanna do something good? Write about how Holbrooke and the US of A is going to re-write the Dayton Åccord to suit their own means. In other words, they ahve to make good for all that Albanian lobby money the Clinton administration gathered for Albanian independence in Kosovo. Doesn't even make any difference if there are terrorist camps in and around Kosovo/Albania or worse--Bosnia. Naw, hell the Serbs made the past administration look like fools.
Youdo remember don't you how the press stated--on TV, radio, film, you name it, how 100,000 Muslims were killed in tht war. I saw Cohen state this on two seperate occasions then had to rercant when someone caught him in the lie. His response?
" Well we had to get the American people behind the bombing of Serbia." Ever since then it has all been downhill.

So rather than wste your time pal and if you have a few cahones try looking into the misinformation during those war years and what Herr Holbrooke did to vilify the Serbs.
78 days? Nuke tipped bombs too.

You might win the Nobel for this. Why is everyone skirting the issues on this? In my neighborhood we would classify t hem as NG'ers. No guts.

Rebuttals and apologies are non-exsistant in the news media.

Eli Grba

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Alas, Alack.
I should have proof read my reply. Sorry. But I have such huge fingers. Good enough excuse?