Friday, July 28, 2006

Tied Together

If you ever needed a clear view of Republican priorities, this is it. They're willing to bring a minimum wage hike to a vote, but only if its tied to an Estate Tax cut. Because it would be grossly unfair to give a boost to hard-working Americans if it wasn't matched by a giveaway to Paris Hilton.

Of course, the GOP is entirely unwilling to play by those rules when it comes to its own (congressional) pay raises. Only the little people must suffer.

Carpetbagger Report runs the political math and thinks the Dems will come out on top here. I certainly hope so.

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Disenchanted Dave said...


What's your opinion of criticism of Israel's actions in the past week and a half. Is their ongoing bombing campaign still a justifiable response? What benefits, if any, have they gotten? If their continued aggression and reluctance to agree to a cease-fire is doing more harm than good for both sides (which seems totally plausible, given the increasing support over the last week for Hezbollah), then in what sense is the continuing violence justified?

These aren't rhetorical questions or attempts to "score points" now that things seem to be getting worse: I havne't been following the conflict as closely as I might like, and I'm interested in knowing if Israel's actions can still be justified.