Thursday, August 10, 2006

Paper Hats

As liberal Democrats are accused of showing horrifying incivility in the wake of the Lamont/Lieberman campaign, we see that Ann Coulter can always make our worst shots look like a Sesame Street sketch:
Congresswoman Maxine Waters had parachuted into Connecticut earlier in the week to campaign against [Sen. Joseph I.] Lieberman because he once expressed reservations about affirmative action, without which she would not have a job that didn't involve wearing a paper hat.

Now, I'm no fan of Congressional all-corruption team Representative Waters. But seriously--a paper hat? In a world where Ann Coulter remains paper hat free, I think it's fair to say that Maxine Waters could easily find a better job than that, affirmative action or no.

So, if it wasn't for affirmative action for bomb-throwing White girls, how did Coulter get her job?

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jack said...

Lanny Davis is a cry baby.

1. All of those "examples" were comments made on websites with open membership. With 100,000 members a few comments on Daily Kos is hardly representative of the Progressive movement.

2. I don't have time to check them by I'd venture to guess that more than a few of those comments were troll-rated or objected to down their respective threads.

3. Since the primary issue in the campaign is a war the blood-red beard comment hardly seems unexpected. Anyone who expects Americans no to get passionate about the War should be wearing a paper hat.