Friday, March 21, 2008


This is a great story about how biologist P.Z. Myers was expelled from a screening of "Expelled." Apparently, the producer of the movie (which is about how "big science" is suppressing creationism) left specific orders that Myers -- a prominent critic of the creationist movement -- was not to be let in. But they did unknowingly admit Myers' companion that day -- atheist writer Richard HDawkins.


Unknown said...

I knew Paul Meyers before he was famous. (Played Halo at his house with his son back in high school.)

So that's three (in)famous bloggers I know in person.

Unknown said...

And I think you mean Richard Dawkins.

PG said...

The fact that the Expelled filmmakers did not ask Dr. Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome Project and probably the most well-known Christian apologist who also is a biologist (and thus actually qualified to speak about evolution), to participate in the film told me everything I needed to know about them: to wit, they're uninterested in any Christian who has been successful and thus rebuts their belief that "Big Science" has it out for Christians. It's really sad, considering that Collins has debated Dawkins and critiqued him in book reviews -- he would have been a great person to have if the movie were about debating the atheists instead of just whining about them.