Monday, June 22, 2009

Heat Wave

Last night, I found out that:

a) sweltering heat +

b) no air conditioning +

c) dehydration +

d) a hot and spicy dinner =

e) heat exhaustion!

Ugh, summer. What a stupid season.


Rebecca said...

Ouch. Feeling all right?

(Hot and spicy dinner? What kind? I love spicy food.)

David Schraub said...

I'm not a spicy food eater, so "spicy" is a very relative term. Mongolian Beef.

But I can call it spicy! It had one of those little pepper things next to it on the menu!

Rebecca said...

Heh, then I take it you wouldn't like to have had my dinner last Thursday. Chicken phaal. :D (I also got four bottles of hot sauce for my birthday - one of Blair's "After Death" sauce. Whoo.)