Thursday, January 07, 2010


Jonathan Chait gets a blog all his own on the TNR website. Nice!

UPDATE: Turns out it's replacing the old Plank blog, so that's bittersweet. Meanwhile, a nice sample of Chait's newest forum is his post on the transgender quota of one. "It's very odd to witness a part of the political discourse where one side understands that its actual views are so completely socially unacceptable that they can't be expressed, and must be replaced with nonsense terms."


PG said...

Gotta love the minimizing of Simpson's qualifications by the religious right. They describe her as merely "a former test pilot for Raytheon," rather than by her last position as principal missile systems engineer and head of advanced and special programs at Raytheon.

As for whether this is all too crazy for America, Simpson's community seemed to have no trouble recognizing her gender; she was awarded by the Tucson YWCA (not exactly a cutting-edge organization) several years ago as one of a dozen "Women on the Move."

joe said...

Weapons contractors, the most progressive companies in America!