Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Lie That Jewish Donors are Abandoning Obama

Greg Sargent demolishes it here. Now, let's be clear -- there are some Jewish donors, Democratic ones even, that never liked Obama in the first place. They didn't donate to him the first time around, and they're not going to do so in 2012. Haim Saban falls into this category. And, what's more, I expect Obama's Jewish vote percentage to fall off, albeit modestly, from its 2012 peak. That's for several reasons: (1) 2012 won't be the rout 2008 was, (2) the economy will depress Obama's vote amongst all sectors, and (3) Republicans can't possibly be dumb enough to have someone like Sarah Palin on their ticket this time (can they?).

But with respect to the "big" story -- that wealthy Jewish Obama supporters are fleeing him in droves over his taking the mainstream American Jewish position on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict -- no, it's just not happening.

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sonicfrog said...

2012 won't be the rout 2008 was...

And to rebuff Conservative expectations, 2012 will not be 2010 either. If they are "bold enough" to chose Palin or a Palinesque candidate, then this election is wide WIDE open!

Personally, I would vote for Gary Johnson. But I know there is no way in hell that he, or someone lie him, could ever secure the nomination without being compromised by the social conservative crowd.