Sunday, October 30, 2011

Huntsman Girls

(A) Why does Jon Huntsman have to be a Republican and (B) Why does he have to run this year?

I still am baffled by why Huntsman is running this time around. But he is one of the last men standing in the "not insane" wing of the GOP, and to his immense credit, he's mostly managed to hold that line while running this time around (of course, that probably has something to do with his less than scintillating poll numbers).


PG said...

Huntsman is the only Republican candidate I'd be open to voting for. even with the fact that he is running this year and thus against Obama. Not coincidentally, he's almost dead last in the Republican polls.

David Schraub said...

I mean, I wouldn't actually vote for him in any case. But I like the guy. If more Republicans were like him, a wouldn't go all rage-ma-tron whenever I think about politics.

And yes, it is not coincidental that he's duking it out with Buddy Roemer to escape "negative numbers are within our margin of error" territory.