Friday, July 16, 2004

What is Non-Partisanship?

Some Republican groups seem to have a trouble figuring out that one can be an honest conservative without engaging in vicious partisanship. From GOP USA (on the merits of various pro-Bush KETCHUP brands of all things!):
Attempting to address the specific charge by Bush Country Ketchup that it did not support Bush or Republicans, Oliver offered the paradoxical answer that he wanted W Ketchup to "be Republican but not partisan, having a positive message all Americans could agree on."

Paradoxical? It makes perfect sense to me, especially considering how many baseline conservative principles (Federalism, Small Government, Fiscal Discpline, etc) the Bush administration has ignored or demolished.

Now, you may think its a bit silly to be drawing conclusions about GOP mentalities from a debate on ketchup. But I ask you, which party is making Ketchup a valid point of partisan contention? Who's silly now?

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Anonymous said...

us conservatives and our ketchup. we've come a long way since calling it a vegetable. -joe sheehan