Friday, October 22, 2004

Daniel Drezner Endorses Kerry!!!

In a move that virtually guarentees the outcome of the Presidential Election, Daniel Drezner has just announced he's voting for John Kerry!

Well, in a just world it would guarentee Kerry the election. In the real world, five Dupont Circle Libertarians decide to vote for Kerry and Andrew Sullivan gives him another look, causing a ripple effect that convinces literally DOZENS of people to vote for Kerry! But hey, I'm allowed to be excited. Congratulations on finally taking the plunge.

In other endorsement news, Josh Chafetz has also given the nod to Kerry. Oh, and former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura has done likewise, a move I'd be tempted to dismiss as irrelevant except that it might actually HAVE an impact on the suddenly swingy Minnesota.

Also, Bush made headway in the Newspaper Endorsement wars, picking up 8 papers today. Veteran political watchers were stunned to see that both the Washington Times AND the New York Post decided to endorse Bush. But sarcasm aside, the other 6 papers Bush picked up were all in swing states (3 in Colorado, 1 each in Oregon, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin). Kerry picked up only two papers, in the ever-competitive Alabama and Indiana. But in terms of overall circulation and total papers, Kerry still has a comfortable lead.

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N.S.T said...

Scharub- Republicans don't need Minnesota and didn't expect it anyway, and Jesse ventura is betraying those strong independent principles of his(what the fuck were those again?) The New York Post and Washington Times leave themselves open to your sarcasm, but how ;bout some sarcasm when the New York Times, any of the awful San Francisco papers, or some European paper endorses John Kerry(or, as us Fench bashers ike to call him, John Le Kerry)? Bush will win Colorado and, I predict, Wisconsin (Witness, "Lambert field") Kerry will probably win Oregon, and New Hampshire is up for grabs.