Monday, October 25, 2004

Run! It's a Liberal!

Andrew Sullivan tips me off to a great quote in the Des Moines Register's endorsement of John Kerry.
"Yes, Kerry is liberal. But what's to fear from a liberal president? That he would run big deficits? That he would increase federal spending? That he would expand the power of the federal government over individuals' lives? Nothing Kerry could do could top what President Bush has already done in those realms."

Conservatives all aghast at John Kerry's horrible liberalism should take a look at who they have in office right now.

Of course, Senator Kerry has never been as liberal as his opponents have tried to label him. The Register continues:
"Kerry is not the stereotypical liberal in any case. According to the "Almanac of American Politics," Kerry is "more respectful of economic free markets" and more inclined to an expansionist foreign policy than other liberal Democrats. He has been a champion of small business. He was an early supporter of the conservative Gramm-Rudman-Hollings deficit-reduction act.

An overview of Kerry's 20 years in the Senate shows a conscientious lawmaker, popular with the home-state voters. Kerry's legislative interests have run to investigating government wrongdoing, strengthening law enforcement, securing health care for children and preventing nuclear proliferation. He has a strong record on the environment."

Horrors upon horrors. Preventing Nuclear Proliferation? That's pinko commie talk, that is! And being "The most Liberal Senator"? Utter falsehood. Overall, Kerry was ranked at most the 11th most liberal senator over his time in congress (By the way, big shoutout to Vice President Cheney for telling me about this site. I'm so glad he has a commitment to truth that extends beyond partisan interests. Or perhaps he just screwed up, badly. That would be more fitting to type.).

Kerry keeps getting momentum in the mainstream press. I'm optimistic that eventually the torrent of endorsements Kerry is receiving will have an impact on the race. Unless, of course, we're devoured by wolves first.

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