Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Ethical Reversal

UPDATE: 1/4/05 @ 7:20 PM
Alot of bloggers, myself included, lambasted the House GOP for changing caucus rules to allow party leaders indicted on felony charges to stay in power. We noted that this rule change would cripple House ethical standards and many of us thought it was emblematic of the arrogance and power-drunkeness of the Republican majority.

So allow me to be the first to applaud the GOP's decision to reverse the rule in a party meeting. I think this was the ethical thing to do, and I call on House Democrats to enact a similar rule for their own party.

The Daily DeLay, which has been covering this issue from day one, has its press release up. Slightly churlish in my opinion, but well taken.

UPDATE: The Moderate Voice adds its thoughts, and reports that the Democrats have changed their rule as well. So everyone wins.

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