Monday, March 21, 2005

Killing Them Softly

The Daily Kos uses the terms "Bush" and "lie" a bit too often in my opinion. But they certainly nailed it here. The law Bush signed in Texas allows patients to die no matter what their family wants--the only pertinent issue is whether the family can pay (see here for an example). For Scott McClellan to describe it as "ensur[ing] that actions were being taken that were in accordance with the wishes of the patient or the patient's family" is flatly untrue. The media's lack of attention to this--while giving a veritable orgy of attention to Ms. Schiavo's plight--is outrageous.

More on Schiavo here and here. Also, check out The Moderate Voice, Southern Appeal, and Professor Bainbridge.

Oh, and while looking up links for this post, it appears the spectacular Legal Fiction blog is hanging up the spikes. Publius will be sorely missed as a superb commentator and a sharp analyst.

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