Sunday, April 03, 2005

The "D" stands for "Dictator"

The Houston Chronicle rips into Tom DeLay (who is based in the Houston area), exposing him as the corrupt, power-hungry madman he really is. Here's how it starts:
"Although Tom DeLay portrays a believable Third World dictator, it is time that he stopped trying to transform the United States into his own ideological fiefdom.

And it is time for him to stop sputtering ill-tempered threats, not only at the judiciary but also at the U.S. Constitution, which he repeatedly has sworn an oath to uphold."

Looks like the voters of the 22nd district are inclined to agree too.

Conservatives are circling the wagons around DeLay, which, longterm, I think will hurt them more than it helps them. Bull Moose will be thrilled, The New Republic depressed. For me, anything is a victory as long as we escape from the Grand Rove Party.

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