Monday, April 04, 2005

Voice of Reason

Of all the people...Dick Cheney has been a sober voice in the Schiavo fallout, repudiating Tom DeLay's alleged threat to judges that they will "answer for their behavior" by allowing her to die. The specific quote by Cheney:
"I don't think that's appropriate. I may disagree with decisions made by judges in any one particular case. But I don't think there would be much support for the proposition that because a judge hands down a decision we don't like, that somehow we ought to go out — there's a reason why judges get lifetime appointments."

Maybe support for DeLay in Republican circles is shallower than once thought?

Oh, and Cheney once again denied he had any aspirations to run for president, saying "I'm not a candidate, don't plan to be a candidate. If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve. Is that the Shermanesque statement? I said on television someplace the other day, not only no, but hell no."

Too bad. It's looking more and more like Cheney is a voice of reason in the modern Republican party (even Europeans concede: he's evil but smart!.

Thanks to The Moderate Voice for the heads-up.

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