Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Sure You Would

The latest gem by FRC President Tony Perkins:
Sometimes religious intolerance is both inane and subtle, as in the latest politically correct push to changing the terms "Before Christ," or B.C., to "Before Common Era," or B.C.E., and "anno Domini" (Latin for "in the year of the Lord") to "Common Era." The terms B.C. and A.D., despite common usage for close to 2,005 years, are now seen as being offensive to non-Christians. While normally I would be sensitive to religious sensitivities...

No, you wouldn't.

Perkins is upset that we may no longer officially measure our very lives in a Christ-centric format. His proposed response is, as always, tactful and respectful:
FYI, in a protest to this political correct example of common sense gone AWOL I suggest everyone, Christians and non-Christians alike, write the term A.D. on every check and piece of paper you write the date.

In other words, raise a middle finger and wave it in the face of every Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and Atheist American. Whose Lord NOW, bitches?

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