Sunday, June 12, 2005

Before and After

So tommorow I get to start my new job! I doubt I'll be doing any job-blogging--there probably won't be any interesting stories anyway. But at least it gives me something to do from 9-5:30 besides posting here.

As for why I haven't been posting this weekend--I've been rereading the old X-Wing series books that had been hiding out in my basement. You ever had a really odd urge to read/find/do something from way back when? I presume that was what came over me when I was scouring boxes at 4 AM Friday night, looking for them.

And yes, they are as much fun to read as they were back in junior high. Some things never change.

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Randomscrub said...

I'm amazed that I'm not the only one who read those... Isn't trash scifi (the kind that requires little to no thought, just action) fun? Those books helped me survive getting my wisdom teeth pulled.