Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Forgotten But Not Gone

I didn't actually watch Bush's speech, though I did run through the written text of it. Standard boilerplate, nothing too flashy. Oxblog gives his insta-reaction to it. Key quote: "Is it me, or does Bush sound a little defensive? Remember, that comment is coming from someone who agrees with 99% of what Bush is saying."

What caught my eye, though, was that Mr. Adnesik apparently thought Bush was going to speak on Darfur. I looked for it--nada. One might be inclined to give Bush the benefit of the doubt on this--Darfur relates only tangentially to the War on Terror (and even less so given this administration's statecentric bias). However, it has been months since I have heard a peep about Darfur from any major political or media figure. It appears it has entirely dropped off the radar screen.

It is very rare that Bush has the attention of all the news networks like this. Had he used this moment to definitively state "not on my watch," it might not have moved the US to action--but it may have struck a blow against the apathetic indifference to genocide that is currently hovering over the American populace. The news media has already decided that Darfur has lost its shock value (apparently genocide only is meaningful to America for as long as it continues to strike our conscience. Out of sight, out of mind). Those who have not already been convinced of the need for action let their eyes glaze over when they read the few tenacious voices which still speak on the subject. There are so few people who America has to at least hear, if not listen to. The President is one. Are there others?

The dying continue to wait in vain for their champion...who will rise to answer their call?

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