Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Harris Versus Nelson, 2006

Via Balloon Juice, I learn that Official Princess of Darkness Katherine Harris is going to challenge Democratic Senator Bill Nelson in 2006. Unlike Kos, who is split between being "happy" and "want[ing] to throw up," I am firmly in the latter camp. While I am relatively confident Nelson can win this race (based mostly on the abject fury of African American voters), it is still disgusting that this woman is considered politically viable in a swing state.

May she go down in slow, burning flames.

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N.S.T said...

Yes, because the democrats, they are, you know...the party of enlightened political discourse and moderation. Gimme a break. How 'bout insulting someone who actually committed a crime, or even did something to show herself a repulsive human being? And, while we're at it, why not ask yourself the same question about far worse human beings. Isn't it disgusting that, for example, Bob Byrd is still considered politically viable? Cynthia Mckinney? Trent Lott? That homophobe Alan Keyes even got a chance to run last time? Gimme a break. There are far worse people than Katherine Harris, a minor figure in American history if any figure at all.