Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Clinton Positions Herself: Parts II and III

Let's see. Clinton takes on violent, sex-drenched videogame company. A week later, the company admits that the sex-scenes are of it's manufacture and the game is re-rated to Adults Only, likely costing the company millions. Clinton will take loads of credit.

Clinton: 1
Other People: 0

Not only that, but Southern Appeal notes that Clinton may be willing to vote for Judge Roberts. Frankly, I don't consider this to be a revelation. I have not seen much of an outpouring of opposition to Roberts amongst liberals, indeed, the only even quasi-negative reactions I've heard so far are Randy Barnett's worries that Roberts is so used to being a litigator that he won't have a solid, principled core, and of course Ann Coulter's "Souter-lite" gripe. But SA is still right--Clinton has loads more maneuvering room than most Democratic contenders--she can be as moderate and reasonable and sensitive and bipartisan as she wants, and the base will still adore her.

Clinton: 2
Other People: 0


Anonymous said...

lol you forget, though: she's hillary clinton

hillary clinton: 2
other people: 1

N.S.T said...

Yeah, Schraub, anonymous has a point, one, albeit, couched in a joke which makes him easy to dismiss. Her husband was President for 8 years. There are a lot of people-- and more than one would think on your side of the aisle, I might add-- who kinda have a problem with the idea of putting another Clinton in office. Her husband is a great campaigner, I give him that, and it may well be an asset. But he's also Bill Clinton and she is, as pointed out, Hillary Clinton, so, she's at an inherent disadvantage.

jack said...

See, I'm not sure about that. If Bill could run again I'd vote for him in a second. But for no good reason at all I can't stand Hilary. Well besides the fact that shes a carpetbagging political hack.

Anonymous said...

i'm offended! why did nst automatically assume i was male? bah. and i think the point i was making wasn't about her being married to clinton...just that there's so many polarizing opinions about her. -Sunny

David Schraub said...

Damn, Nick, you just offended the wrong gal. Sunny is a stone-cold killer. She will hunt you, track you down, murder you in your sleep (if you're lucky--I'd hate to be awake when she gets her revenge).

Sleep with one eye open ;-)...

Anonymous said...

Haha right. I will kill with my....super high stilettos! Yeah! (And seeing as I'm such a killer, why haven't you listened to my threats and visited me, huh? We need a JSA reunion!) -Sunny