Saturday, July 09, 2005


It's so nice to see Iraq is becoming friends again with it's neighbors. Look, it's just signed a $1 billion military cooperation agreement (not including troop training aid) with Iran!

On the one hand, it is good that Iran appears not eager to restart the brutal and bloody conflict they fought with Iraq throughout the 1980s. Regional stability is sorely lacking in the area, and every little treaty and crossborder bit of cooperation helps. On the other hand, I don't really like seeing Iran and Iraq as a pals. Hell, I don't like Iran and anybody as pals. Like Kevin Drum, it kind of creeps me out.

But wouldn't it be ironic if Iran gave it's WMD program information and technology to Iraq? Oh, I can see the late-night jokes now...


Anonymous said...

Bartkid sez,
>Like Kevin Drum, it kind of creeps me out.

Um, does Kevin Drum creep you out or does this Iraq-Iran treaty creep you out as much as it creeps Kevin out?

David Schraub said...


I meant the latter. I think Drum is pretty cool.