Thursday, July 07, 2005

I'm Doomed!

PrawfsBlawg links to a Chronicle of Higher Education column (sub. only) which says that bloggers have a reduced chance at being hired as faculty members at colleges and universities.

Fortunately for me, both PB and Conglomerate feel that the reasons are weak, at best. But then, life isn't fair--it might not matter that the reasons are weak. After all, in the hyper-competitive academic market, even the slightest downside can knock an otherwise worthy candidate out of the running.

Is my blog to be the death of my career goal?

(Note: I'm honestly not that worried. I really think that blogging will be a negligible downside to my resume, if at all, and that downside will be far outweighed by the blogosphere contacts I've made and the practice I've gotten writing and thinking on legal topics).

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