Saturday, August 13, 2005

Right and Wrong

Is That Legal points us to Jackson, Wyoming, where new citizens were praised by Rep. Barbara Cubin for becoming citizens "the right way".

The feature immigrant/citizen in the story was an Irish Salon owner who learned to ski on the east coast and decided to try the West (Jackson Hole has great skiing).

So, if moving from a first world country to live in a ski resort is the "right way" to become a citizen, what then is the "wrong way" to become a citizen? It can't be via illegal immigration--we don't give them citizenship (not even an amnesty program would do that). Mysteries, mysteries...

Wait--I've got it! The wrong way to become a citizen is to be from a poor, third world country who wants to try for a better life! Because how dare they flee poverty and authoritarian dictatorships to try for freedom? It's...It's...It's unamerican is what is!

How improper of them.

UPDATE: I had completely forgotten that it was Rep. Cubin who decided all Blacks were drug dealers. On the House floor debating gun control, the lovely lady said the following:
My sons are 25 and 30. They are blond-haired and blue-eyed. One amendment today said we could not sell guns to anybody under drug treatment. So does that mean if you go into a black community, you cannot sell a gun to any black person, or does that mean because my --

At this point she was interrupted by Rep. Melvin Watts who demanded the remarks be striken from the record as inappropriate. She refused to back down. Upon full House consideration, not a single Republican decided that the worldview of "Black as presumptive drug-dealer" was offensive enough to be striken from the record (these are the same folks who were "outraged by the outrage" over Abu Gharib).

So at least she's in good company. And folks wonder why America is still skeptical over Chairman Mehlman's "mea culpa" to the NAACP.


Isaac said...

For some reason my inclination, based only on the quote, was to think it was an attack on people becoming citizens by serving in the military -- somehow that that mercenary behavior is the wrong way. But...

David Schraub said...

Call me skeptical, but I don't think a Republican Representative from Wyoming would be knocking on military service. Just a guess--especially considering Cubin's--err--checkered past when it comes to race? (see the update).

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm new at being offended by random situations, so do you mind explaining how a Representative stating dissatisfaction with the President's policies on naturalization being innately racist?

Oh, you're a liberal, so you obviously have to not have heard of the various amnesty programs, basically giving citizenship to illegal immigrants

As to the second one, sure, it's racist as hell, but do you seriously expect police officers to think differently, particularly when they don't have to give a specific reason for liscense denial?

David Schraub said...

Clearly you're new at vocabulary words too. I never said "innately"--how am I to know if she's innately racist? All I know is that considering amnesty programs aren't citizenship (which I mentioned in the post--maybe reading is something you're new at too?), the only distinction I can think of between "right" and "wrong" immigration is white folk coming from the 1st world and non-whites trying to build a better life and escape the third world. Which IMO, is pretty racist.

And yes, I think that Police Officers ought find a slightly better reason for their actions than "he was black." But then, I'm a liberal. :-)

Isaac said...

Yes, of course you're right. It was just a very odd first reaction, which seemed worthy of record.