Saturday, October 29, 2005

"Chicago Burned Down...Again"

Give the GOP partisans some credit. They've taken a lickin', but they've kept on tickin' these last couple of days. Consider Republican strategist Bill Paxon:
"These guys just keep getting up every day and moving forward," said Bill Paxon, another former House Republican. "Some days aren't easy. They've had a tough run here lately. But the secret of their success through all of these twists and turns in the road is to just keep moving forward." [emphasis added]

Leading TNR's Michael Crowley to remark:
Success?? Good grief, so what would failure look like? FEMA blows the Hoover Dam? Zsa Zsa Gabor on the Supreme Court? America occupied by Iraq?

I can see it now: "The fall of Charleston to Iraqi National Guard elements is, far from a setback, proof that Iraq has adapted American foreign policy models and sees the pre-emptive attack strategy as legitimate and effective." And the Hoover Dam, of course, was finished in the socialist Roosevelt administration. So we're all happy to see that go.

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