Saturday, January 14, 2006

Historical Revival

Andrew Sullivan gives a Malkin Award nomination to Mark Levin for arguing that Ted Kennedy is worse than Joe McCarthy:
From Clement Haynsworth, William Rehnquist, Bob Bork, and Clarence Thomas, to Jeff Sessions, Bill Pryor, Charles Pickering, and Sam Alito -- and scores of others -- Kennedy has played the role of McCarthy for 40 years, and always to a fawning press. He's a greater menace than McCarthy ever was.

Okay, the crazy points are obvious--no need to rehash them. But I just want to ask one thing: Clement Haynsworth? I mean, are we still talking about him? Or did Levin just want to complete his 4-4 parallel structure? I guess it could be worse--he could have brought up Harold Carswell.

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