Friday, February 03, 2006

Across the Border

Living approximately five minutes from the D.C. border, I am a firm advocate for D.C. statehood, or barring that, at least full voting rights. As such, I will be cheering full-throat for the D.C. Olympic team!

Sure, they only have a Curling squad. And sure, it probably isn't very good. And sure, they're not formally recognized yet. But you can change that (or at least, the last part of it), by going to their official site and writing to the IOC to allow the DC team to join. After all, if Guam gets a team, and Puerto Rico gets a team, and American Samoa gets a team--why not D.C.? At the very least, it would be a great way to raise awareness about this travesty of American democracy.

Makes me almost sad that I don't live 5 minutes further Southeast...


jack said...

They're gonna be great. Word on the street is that they've already played curling once. Also: They have a former Canadian on the team.

Colonial Palaterp said...

Snarky much, Jack?

Believe it or not, there *is* curling in the DC-Baltimore Metro Area...

I really would not be surprised if some of the prospective team members came from the Potomac Curling Club... (based in Laurel, MD -- Between DC and Baltimore):

...which is the closest place a DC kid can go get his/her curling jones on.

(NOTE: the two people I know in that club -- both Marylanders, though, got hooked in Michigan and Upstate NY before coming to the DC area.)

In fact, as transient as the DC-Baltimore area is... there are plenty of transplants from the North... and sure enough, probably enough curling fans in the DC-B'more metroplex to support a curling club.

Not exactly the most logical/rhetorical response in the world, but hey...

Penguin in the City
an adoptive daughter of MoCo.
PS- David ->
(tongue-in-cheek) How did a kid from MoCo like you end up choosing a school in the Cold of Minnesota, anyway? (/tongue-in-cheek) ;)

David Schraub said...

Hey hey, easy on Jackie boy. He means well.

As for me, I LIKE the cold. It's so much more fun than heat. I can ski in the cold (well, given that Minnesota is a bit flat, cross-country ski), ice skate, have snow ball fights, sled(/tray), make ice sculptures, and call my friends at school in California wimps. It's great.

But more importantly, Carleton is a wonderful place with great academics, a spectacular campus environment, and geniunely friendly, open, warm people both among the students, faculty, and the locals. That's enough to outweigh a few -25 degree days.

Anonymous said...

I think you people in D.C. are missing the point, comparing Puerto Rico to D.C. is ridiculous. D.C. does not constitute a nation neither you were invaded by the US or speak a different language and have a different other words:dc is not a nation, neither you have a constitution approved by the UN, neither you have an international recognition for free determination, neither are you recognized as a country by the UN (Puerto Rico country code in the UN:630) neither are you considered a nationality (check cia factbook on PR).
DC is the capital city of a nation just like D.F. is in Mexico, DC is just a plain extended neighborhood of Virginia and Maryland...get over it!