Sunday, March 26, 2006

Done With Debate

Well, the tournament is over--for Carleton at least. My team went 3-5 (3 of those losses were clear, 1 was a muddy round, 1 I think we got shafted). We had another team go 3-5, one more that went (I think) 2-6, and one team get disqualified mid-way through because of a miscommunication. Yeah, they were pissed. The tournament was kind of a catastrophe.

It was still a good learning experience though (especially considering few of us had much national circuit tournament exposure prior to this), and it gave me loads of ideas on what to work on with my team come next year (where I'll be shifting from debating to coaching for the most part). Topicality shells, Counterplan/DA structure, coverage, and argument selection are the biggies for us.

Anyway, the season is over, and I've got a free day and a half before I fly back to Minnesota. I'll be using it predominantly to relax and unwind, and probably blog as well.

Enjoy the rest of your "spring break" (if that's where you're at in the year)!

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