Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Whiteness Symposium

Bridget Crawford points to a paper by Stephanie M. Wildman entitled "The Persistence of White Privilege," now available on SSRN. It looks great. I'd also like to point out to any other interested parties that the broader symposium the article was a part of, "Whiteness: Some Critical Perspectives", is available online from the Washington University Journal of Law & Policy.

My seminar paper for my Foundations of Black Political Thought class is going to be on Black views of Whiteness. Any help in finding sources on the subject would be much appreciated.


Holly in Cincinnati said...

Color Me Jewish: One Group's Quest For Whiteness

Nathaniel Popper in The Forward

Kevin Andre Elliott said...

I did an independent group study last year on whiteness studies. It was great. I have a bibliography that we put together around here somewhere. I'll dig it up for you.

As you're aware, it's that time of year, so if I foget, please remind me.

I'm a literature guy, and so this may not especially pertain to your research, but you should definitely read Toni Morrison's Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the Literary Imagination

The Constructivist said...

David Roediger has an anthology out on just this topic; it's called Black on White. For other sources, check out Introduction to Ethnicity and Race course, especially the links and reserves pages.