Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Just Another Honest Joe

Often times, when a big blogger links to a little guy (like myself), the recipient of the link feels a compulsion to acknowledge his benefactor (I do it here for Kevin Drum, for example). It's relatively commonplace, but it always seems to be linked to a big/small blogger dynamic. So when "My Election Analysis" welcomed my readers, I was understandably flattered. I'm a big blogger boy now!

But lo, even the titans have to pay proper respect. The Volokh Conspiracy is surely among the blogs which I would give a virtual welcome to, should they deign to recognize my humble internet homestead. But here is co-conspirator David Bernstein, welcoming readers from that insatiable beast, Instapundit! I guess even the largest bloggers are, on the inside, just like you and me (except Glenn Reynolds, who is apparently immortal).

It's a good post too (Bernstein's); giving an interesting update to a Penn State censorship controversy involving an art exhibit about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. You should go forth and read it.

And maybe (perchance, to dream?) Bernstein will give me you a warm welcome in deference to my patronage.

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