Friday, May 26, 2006

That's Rich (Unless You're Poor)

Awhile back, I wrote a piece discussing the GOP's obsessive loyalty to tax cuts and how it is virtually the only thing holding an otherwise fractured Republican coalition together. So they cut and they cut, and consequences be damned (This is about justice! Except when it isn't). Today, with the GOP's hold on power faltering, I felt this snippet from Bloomberg was worth noting:
The courts' involvement may deliver a victory to tax-cutting Republicans in Washington who are running out of taxes to cut and are facing a projected $300 billion budget deficit for this year.

Whatever shall they do? They've cut so much, there is nothing left to bribe rich Americans with! Hahahaha...heh...[sob].

H/T: Kevin Drum.

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jack said...

Of course, the Republicans broke their promise about not increasing taxes too. Earners under the age of 18 will pay more next year than they did this year.

Thats right, they have to raise taxes on non-Voters to give more money to giant corporations.