Thursday, June 08, 2006

Become Thy Enemy

Cathy Young is must reading on the slide of some conservatives into scary levels of anti-Muslim (not anti-Islamo-fascist, but anti-Muslim) rhetoric--including sympathy for Slobadon Milosivic's genocidal actions in Bosnia, because the victims were Muslim:
On March 12, the group blog Infidel Bloggers Alliance ran an item titled "Memorable moment in the Milosevic trial." It described, without further comment, an episode in which Milosevic tried to portray himself as fighting the same forces of terrorism now threatening the West. Co-bloggers chimed in with such comments as "Wouldn't it be strange if Milosevic ends up being remembered by history as a hero and a kind of prophet?" and "Ever since 9/11, one question after another about whether we were on the wrong side in the Bosnian conflict has come up. The only thing you can trust a Muslim to be is a Muslim." (Including, it seems, the famously secularized and nonradical Bosnian Muslims, some 100,000 of whom died in Milosevic's assaults of the 1990s.) Similar attitudes, somewhat less stridently expressed, could be found on Jihad Watch, FrontPage, and other popular right-wing sites.

That is appalling. Once you start endorsing genocide, you become, in my mind, indistinguishable from any other terrorist sympathizer.

Conservatives need to start purging these barbarians from their ranks, and fast.

H/T: Eric Muller

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pacatrue said...

It's not who you associate with that's a measure of your character, it's who you continue to associate with after they reveal themselves. Every movement will have zanies in the number. The question is will sane conservatives recognize them as zanies and say so? What I am trying to say is that it's not surprising to read these views. There are always idiots. But, as you mention at the end, will these idiots be recognized as such?