Monday, June 26, 2006

Caught in the Net

This Washington Post article about a man thought to be a fugitive because a criminal had used his name as an alias left me with chills. It's truly frightening how heartless the criminal "justice" bureaucracy has become. This man had clear, incontrovertable proof of his innocence that was easily accessible to the authorities. What hope do those persons have who are not so obviously in the clear?

Thanks to my friend Lauren for the heads. Meanwhile, the DC rain storms have flooded my basement, so I'll likely be waging war against rising water for the next few days. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

The Correction Officers at the Prince George's Detention Center faild to do their jobs. Every Sunday the NCIC system shuts down. Maybe their are more cases like this happening in Price George's if authoraties are incompatent. That mans fingerprints should have been faxed to the FBI for varifacation.

Anonymous said...

The incompatent in the county is the reason why it's called P.G. instead of Prince George's. The authoraties in the county only respond when they can get T.V. time.Where was the State Attorney Glen Ivory when you need him.Stop posturing and do your job?

Anonymous said...

I know the guy featured in the article. He is many things, but criminal is not one of them. I was called the day he was arrested and still cannot believe this happened. How many others have similar stories? Thanks for bringing additional eyes to this story.