Saturday, June 03, 2006

Embarrassing Allies

This has to be pretty much the weirdest pro-immigration piece I've ever read. Short summary: only Hispanic Whites are having enough babies to provide the comfort levels elderly White Americans expect. Non-Hispanic Whites are too lazy to have children, and Blacks are "killing their babies." If we allow Hispanic immigrants into the country, we can avoid the horrifying fate of becoming...Europe:
The populations of all European countries are (a) dropping and (b) becoming Muslim. Within fifty years, we will be faced with a much smaller Europe that is much more Islamic and probably more militant. America answers this problem by creating enormous incentives for Hispanics to enter the country and have babies here instead of in Mexico. If the plan works, the elderly white baby boomers will all have their noses wiped at appropriate intervals by young Hispanic nurses and will therefore keep today's politicians in office. But there is more.

The white baby boomers will all be dead in fifty years, either via natural causes or euthanasia. But if the Hispanic replacement population is successfully purchased from Mexico (which will experience its own population replacement problems within the next decade), America’s population will (a) not drop and (b) still be Judeo-[sic] Christian.

Actually, becoming Europe would be a pretty awful fate--they have pretty much the paradigmatically wrong policy when it comes to immigration. But basically supporting immigration because it will keep America nice and White and Christian (spare me the "Judeo" part, what percentage of Latino immigrants are Jewish?) is kind of twisted. The frustrating thing is that this piece has close to the right policy on immigration by complete accident: letting in Latino immigrants will be good for the country economically and will pose no problems culturally. But he only is writing the piece as a foil against the evil Islamist horde that we need to fight against. And it is overwhelmingly obvious that he'd vastly prefer White women to get back in the bedroom and start cranking out babies.

H/T: Bitch.


Anonymous said...

Any one who believes that having large numbers of poor Mexican immigrants in the US will not cause problems has never been to a place like El Paso, Brownsville, Yuma, etc.

Stentor said...

According to this, .04% of Mexicans are Jewish. So yeah, our immigrants are Christian but not especially "Judeo-."