Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th!

No posts today. I just want to wish my readers a Happy 4th, and hope it was a wonderful spent with friends and family.

As for me, I had a delicious hot dog. I really don't like it when the patriotism of dissenters is questioned, but anyone who has something besides a Hamburger or Hot Dog on Independence Day has questionable Americanism at heart.

(And if the Hot Dog isn't Kosher, well, you're only hurting yourself).


Anonymous said...

I had a steak and didn't watch fireworks.

Disenchanted Dave said...

I had a hamburger and sat directly underneath some really impressive fireworks.

Was the kashrut parenthetical a reference to the spiritual costs of not eating kosher meat or a reference to the horrible "meat" that goes into most hot dogs?

I'm not aware of any explicitly stated penalty for eating an improperly slaughtered or improperly chosen animal. My impression was that it was more of a "because God said so" sort of a thing.

Anonymous said...

I suppose us vegetarians always have questionable Americanism at heart? ;)

I read your blog regularly but rarely comment, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

So long as veggie burgers count, I'm in agreement. Also obligatory are those wierd "salad" products (potato salad, pasta salad) that really just random foods coated in gloop.

Anonymous said...


After spending the whole afternoon toiling in the hot sun (to set up the fireworks show that the town had contracted for), we had ribs...and sashimi. And by the time we shot off the show and picked up, it was midnight. This makes us dubious Americans?

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