Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This Would Be Priceless

Tim F. of Balloon Juice remarks on a hoax perpetuated by a man who posed as a HUD official and gave a plan for rebuilding New Orleans (which, as far as Bush is concerned, apparently is a foreign country somewhere on the Gulf of Mexico) that sounds better than the actual HUD plan. Of course, this means the HUD now has to deny that it has reversed course in its proposal to demolish 5,000 units of public housing.

But the real fun is when Tim says it reminds him of a scheme some of his "friends" cooked up in college:
This reminds me of a hare-brained plot some, uh, friends of mine hatched in college to sneak onto the main campus of Focus on the Family and mark the main building facing the highway with a giant pink triangle and the words "This is a Hate-Free Zone," which was a popular dorm poster at the time. Of course the amusement would come when they angrily denied it.

That would be beautiful to behold.

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