Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I Love My State

Via Steve Benen, two excellent ads in the Maryland Senate race. The first, by Republican Michael Steele, is a pre-emptive strike against negative advertising, warning voters of "grainy images" and scary voices telling them that he hates puppies or other such non-sense. It's very well executed and hits very good notes with me. This is very much akin to the type of ad that I'd like to see politicians run more often. At the end, Steele also informs that in reality, he loves puppies. I, of course, actually do hate puppies, but I wasn't voting for Steele anyway.

The Democratic Senate Committee released a response ad, and it's quite good as well. It's theme is that Steele may like puppies, but he loves George W. Bush. It's also got a very light, mocking tone to it that I very much prefer to scary voices and grainy images. Steele is running away from the Republican label (it's never mentioned in his ad) because, well, he's running in Maryland. But Democrats are going to hang his support for George W. Bush over him like a weight.

Only in the Old Line State.


Anonymous said...

Saw the Democratic response to Steele today for the first time. And let's all watch Steele respond with a big disingenuous "Toldya so! There's the attack ad!" Steele will do anything he can not just to deny his connection to Bush or the GOP, but to avoid taking any stance on any issue whatsoever. How dare those Democrats actually try to give him an actual viewpoint...:)

jack said...

Democrats should be running this sort of add all over the country. Steele isn't just running away from the Republican label because he's in Maryland, he's running away from the Republican label because its 2006 and the Republican Party is about as popular anywhere as the Dallas Cowboys are in DC. Republicans all over the country, even in conservative areas have taken party affliation off their websites and have found ways to distance themselves from Bush. Maryland Democrats are confident- but Democrats in Virginia, Montana, Missouri, Tennessee and Pennsylvania should be to. Democrats start to lose when they clam up in fear of being called weak on terrorism. And when they clam up that just confirms for voters that they ARE weak.