Friday, December 29, 2006

Back Home (Amazingly)

So I ended up making it home last night. Early, in fact. But don't let that fool you: It was absolutely wild getting back here. Let my sketch it out for you.

Originally, our travel schedule looked like this:

12/29: Aspen --> Denver --> Baltimore

By the end, our travel route actually went like this:

12/28: Vail (Eagle County) --> Denver --> Washington (Dulles)

Along the way, we were booked and/or on standby for no less than 6 flights involving 5 airports.

But, with some skill and a fair bit of luck (we made standby on both legs of our route, including one flight which we got on the list 15 minutes prior to departure), we ended up getting home several hours earlier than anyone had hoped.

Oh, and the skiing went well, thanks.

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