Saturday, January 06, 2007

Root Out

Hilzoy has the scoop on the early accomplishments by the new Democratic Congress. They just passed PAYGO rules (new spending or tax cuts has to be offset by spending cuts or tax hikes elsewhere), as well as forcing Congressmen to publicly identify the earmarks they insert into the record. Plus, now that the "100 hours" has drawn to a close, Democrats have made good on their pledge to allow more minority participation:
Yesterday, in addition to the rules affecting spending, the House adopted "civility" measures that grant Republican lawmakers more opportunities to offer their views and to participate in legislative debate than Democrats say they received under Republican control.

I think Hilzoy's conclusion hits it right:
Yes, I know about Rep. Mollohan, and I don't like it, as I have said before. But the Democrats have done more to combat corruption in two days than the Republicans have done in twelve years. The Congressional Democrats are not perfect, obviously, but I am proud of them so far.


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