Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

My resolutions for the new year (blog and non-blog related).

1) Write something that isn't published on a blog (Met).

2) Win something. Winnng must include some form of reward. Dorm poker night doesn't count (Met).

3) Take someone to the Midwinter Ball (Met).

4) Feel good about being a gangsta (Pick 'em).

5) Hate 20% less playa, 20% more game (Pick 'em).

6) Network (Met).

7) Actually do something with that BBC guy that I keep playing email tag with (hi guy!) (Met).

8) Develop as a person (Pick 'em).

9) Develop as a Halo player (Met).

10) Get a link for a top 10 blog that is not Powerline (knowing the daughters of one of the authors is an unfair advantage) (Met).

11) Ace the LSATs (Met).

12) Ace the GREs (Met).

13) Finish at least 50% of the books I start (Missed).

14) Go to a Wild game (Met -- before the end of the year but, amazingly, after I published next year's list).

15) Beat a video/computer game (Met).

16) Raise my GPA (Met).

17) Figure out a valid pronunciation for "TOETBD" (I may just say "tote") (Missed -- historical note: this stands for "Term of Endearment To Be Determined").

18) Read new blogs (Met).

19) Don't fail out of the Winter term (Met).

20) Make the new women's hockey goalie an all-star (Missed).

21) Rock the casbah (Pick 'em).

Happy new year everyone!


Pete Abel said...

That has to be the most eclectic, unique set of New Year's resolutions I've ever read. A fun read for Jan. 1. Thanks.

H said...

FFXII doesn't count as your video game win for the year - that definitely occurred BEFORE the new year.


Anonymous said...

Great post.

My New Years resolution is to keep getting better as a singer/songwriter. Here's my latest, and it just happens to be a New Year's song:

A Future 2B Hold (Celebrate '07 mix)
words and music by Dr. BLT ©2006