Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Aloha Means Goodbye

The FRC applauds the state of Hawaii--not for voting down a bill to legalize gay marriage, but for refusing to bring it to a vote at all.

This would be the same FRC which demanded--demanded--that legislators in Massachusetts give anti-gay marriage initiatives a vote on the floor.

The same FRC which, when the Connecticut legislature passed a civil unions law of its own volition, cried that this was not enough, and a popular referendum was needed.

The same FRC which not long ago turned "up or down vote" into a battle cry (yes, I know they had a BS constitutional reason for why that was necessary for judicial nominations. No, it was not a serious reason. It was disingenuous tripe that was contradicted by their own past practice).

I have no problem with the FRC advocating for its illiberal, anti-family positions. But the degree of hackitude it exhibits while pretending to stand for principles beyond rabid anti-gay hatred is mindboggling.

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Trickish Knave said...

If people are waiting for some good legislature that benefits someone other than locals here in Hawaii, then you can expect to see monkeys swinging from your ass hairs before it happens.

To wit, the following link describes a recent assault by a local man and his son on a WOMAN and her husband after a minor fender-bender. The first thing uttered out of the son's mouth had 'fucking' and 'haoule' in the same sentence.

haoule = Hawaiian for honkey

Prosecutors tried to prosecute this beating as a hate crime but failed because of loosly written laws here in the Rainbow State.