Wednesday, February 07, 2007


If you've noticed, I've been a bad blogger the last few days. The reason is that I'm trying to kick a rather nasty cough/cold before the weekend, when my birthday is. And it just took a turn for the worse.

So part one of this post asks the question: What do the following symptoms signify? A few days of a wracking cough, followed by really stuffy sinuses (but the coughing has stopped), and now the sinuses plus a sore and somewhat swollen throat?

People who don't have anything valuable to add to that conversation can instead debate their favorite Futurama episode. I think I'd probably have to say Love and Rocket, either of the two Xmas Stories, or Crimes of the Hot. But right now (this changes all the time) my favorite line in the show comes from I Dated a Robot, featuring the "Erotic Assassin" style Lucy Liu-bot saying, in a robotic voice: "I am Lucy Liu, give me your spines."

Devoted Lucy Liu fan that I am, I laughed uncontrollably.

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