Thursday, April 19, 2007

Eleanor Holmes Norton is a Baller

Check her speech in favor D.C. voting rights. Norton, the long time delegate for the District in the House, kicks ass and takes names. Specifically, the name of Republican Representative David Dreier:
Dreier: Will the gentlewoman yield?

Holmes Norton: I will not yield, sir. The District of Columbia has spent 206 years yielding to people who would deny them the vote. I yield you no ground. Not during my time. You have had your say, and your say has been that you think the people who live in your capital are not entitled to a vote in their House. Shame on you.

Bang. And the rights of my co-citizens who have the misfortune of living 5 minutes away from my house across Western Avenue (a sin which, clearly, makes them unworthy of holding the franchise) come a little closer to being realized.

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